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Popular Garage Door FAQs

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Our repair experts took the time to answer some of the most common questions garage door owners find themselves asking. Give them a look and see if your question has already been answered.

How often should my door be serviced?

Our experts recommend getting your doors checked and serviced at least once a year. Garage doors can easily wear out due to their size and how often they are being used. The incredible amounts of tension their moving parts are under make it inevitable for nothing to ever go wrong, and that's why regular inspection is so important.  Having your door undergo a regular maintenance routine can help prevent accidents.

Why are safety sensors necessary?

They prevent accidents. Once the "close" command is issued to the opener, a door without safety sensors will close down even if there is a child sitting just underneath the door. That's why sensors are not just important, they're downright crucial. They detect an obstacle in the door's path and prevent the system from closing. If you suspect your safety sensors aren't up to par, get them checked out immediately.

Why doesn't the clicker work?

Garage door clickers may be fragile devices but they are not ruined easily unless you drop them often on the floor. First, check the batteries. Most remote controls would abruptly stop working due to dead batteries and that's why it's good to keep some extra ones in the car. Occasionally, it would be a good idea to open the cover and carefully dust the inner circuitry.

What does the R-Value indicate?

R-Value indicates thermal efficiency. You will want to check it when buying garage doors, as it will tell you how insulating the door is. Our experts suggest getting higher value models because greater insulating properties can help your home be more energy efficient, and will save you money.

Do “green” Eco-friendly garage doors require fewer repairs?

Green or not, garage doors are still complex mechanisms with many moving parts that demand to be regularly maintained. There isn't a significant difference as far as the how frequently you'll need to get them repaired. However, getting an eco-friendly garage door will actually benefit your pocket because they are well insulated and, therefore, allow you to stop over-spending on energy. Apart from that, most of their parts are also recyclable.


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